The Art of Performance

Have you ever experienced a peak performance in the practice room, but you weren’t able to replicate that performance on stage? If you experience shakiness, rapid heart beat, or racing thoughts when you perform, you are not alone. Performance anxiety is very common yet it’s not often talked about. In addition to performance anxiety, other common issues for performers are being motivated to practice, organizing practice time, and staying physically limber and strong, all of which are necessary to perform optimally.

The Art of Performance is a set of skills that I developed to help musicians overcome performance anxiety and create an efficient and organized practice habit. We study for many years to learn how to play our instruments, but learning how to become performing artists involves an additional set of skills. Our goal as musicians is to perform with ease under pressure. The Art of Performance teaches skills towards that goal using methods from three categories: Practical, Physical, and Psychological. A few of the methods are listed below, with more available should you wish to explore your options. I teach The Art of Performance privately as well as to groups in a workshop forum. For information on booking a session in person or via Skype, or to learn more about scheduling a workshop, please contact me.

The Calendar:
I created The Calendar specifically with the needs of musicians in mind. The Calendar organizes practice time, making it efficient and consistent, and enables you to be fully prepared for your performances. The Calendar is part of my Workbook which accompanies private sessions and workshops.

Sometimes musicians have psychological “blocks” that hold them back from performing their best. Through targeted journaling questions, we work together to build strengths and overcome challenges. Journaling questions are part of my Workbook which accompanies private sessions and workshops.

Meditation teaches your brain to be calm and focused under pressure. By practicing meditation, you can train your mind to replace fearful or racing thoughts with thoughts that are constructive and calm.

Yoga increases flexibility, strength and confidence. Yoga can help to prevent and heal performance related injuries leading to a stronger, more balanced body, and perhaps a longer career as well.